FRIDAY 10am - 2pm | SAT & SUN 10am - 4pm CLOSED until 21 January 2022
FRIDAY 10am - 2pm | SAT & SUN 10am - 4pm CLOSED until 21 January 2022
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Ingrid Bowen | Watercolour

'Peregrine, meaning a tendency to wander, is a meditative bushwalk into the dappled understory'

Rhythmic tree-forms and silhouettes are rendered in watercolour and ink using a uniquely Australian palette, and enhanced by a bespoke scent designed especially for this exhibition. Peregrine is a restorative and comforting pathway through our current era.  

A continuing observation of life’s rhythms and journeys, Peregrine reflects patterns found in the Australian bush, while walking and travelling with our senses. A grounding of sorts, discoverable by travelling through and beyond obstacles, by seeing the forests made up of individual and collective species and observing and accepting our surroundings as a whole. 

A wander through bushland can offer hope and renewed wonder. Cyclical and seasonal growth mirrors our human journey - damage and repair, signs of weathering and regeneration. Ahead the path may be obscured, gloomy or hazardous - yet dappled light and the surprise of wildflowers or birdsong encourages progress. 

By moving forward, jewels are uncovered and sensorial stories composed with each new perspective. The comforting repetition of footfall echoed by the breath and heartbeats marking time, give way to a willingness to engage and be enveloped by the bush. The process leads to trusting in the restorative power of nature and feeling the benefits from the satisfying act of simply walking onwards. 

Ingrid Bowen | 2021