Coming up | Sharon Field | Dead Leaf Dreaming: vignettes

Coming up | Sharon Field | Dead Leaf Dreaming: vignettes

New works in watercolour & graphite by Sharon Field

Established artist Sharon Field will open her solo exhibition 'Dead leaf dreaming: vignettes' on Saturday 4th July.

The exhibition showcases small works in watercolour & graphite based on objects found in the Australian bush landscape.

A nature lover, volunteer fire-fighter, and Burra resident, Sharon is at home in the bush. She has a deep fascination for the insects and plant life that inhabit it.

The Australian bush holds so many tiny treasures when you poke around the ground litter on your hands and knees. This collection of works provides a momentary insight into some of the stories that are held by the bush that people usually pass over in a sweeping turn of the head.’ - Sharon Field

The works will be available online from Wednesday 1st July. And as we always mention, if you can get her to see them in person, they are infinitely more amazing! Sharon is well known and highly respected for her fine and meticulous detail.

Sharon will be in the gallery on Saturday 4 July between 1 & 4 pm. And again on Sunday 5 July 10 am to 1 pm. Social distancing will be observed. Please visit at another time if you are unwell.

Our usual opening times of 10 am to 4 pm on both days will apply. 


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