Jane Gerrish talks with Maria Stoljar

Jane Gerrish talks with Maria Stoljar

Maria Stoljar from podcast Talking with Painters speaks with Jane Gerrish about the inspiration behind her exhibition Observe. See it here:


'Talking with Painters is a podcast and collection of videos, now in its fifth year, where I talk with Australian painters about their lives and art. It’s something I’m passionate about, not only because I’m interested in painting myself but because we have so many incredible painters in Australia I just want to share their stories with the world!

The podcast is full of the personal stories of the painters of Australia – leading, mid-career and emerging – not only as to how they live and work as artists, but how they became an artist in the first place, the highs and lows and what they’re working on now.

In 2020 the podcast was listed in British auction house Christie’s ‘Best art-world podcasts’ and frequently appears at the top of the Apple Podcasts Australian Visual Arts charts. It has also been recommended by Art Almanac and featured in Zart Art magazine.' Maria Stoljar

You can find Talking with Painters on Instagram, Facebook or visit the website here:


Thank you Maria! 

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