Collection: Sara Freeman | Full Circle

‘I have tried to make offerings of stillness and beauty. An antidote to the constant messaging of bad news and world troubles. I think we need somewhere positive and restorative to rest and recharge, to remember the good we can all bring to the world. I hope these paintings help in some small way.’

The motif of the circle, symbol of wholeness, centeredness, fullness, return, is a theme in these meditations on colour and stillness, inviting the viewer to stop and immerse fully in the present moment and discover it’s riches.

This is slow art. Each painting is a gradually constructed surface. Starting with a wood panel painted with many fine layers of wax, then glazed with dozens of layers of egg tempera washes, and slow hours of white lines drawn back into the surface. The reoccurring image of the network of lines holds a deep fascination as a symbol of humanity’s utter interconnectedness with everything on this earth. These paintings are a quiet prayer in the hope that we can all have the courage to start living with this connectedness front of mind.

Sara Freeman is a painter and printmaker working between Canberra and the South Coast. She graduated from ANU School of Art in 2006.

Interview with Sara and Barbie Robinson from Living Arts Canberra