Collection: Tim Snowdon | Painting

“I try to paint images that are interesting as tactile compositions. Sensual illusions. I want my paintings to be accessible, engaging, to give pleasure and meditation about possibilities.” – Tim Snowdon

Snowdon gained invaluable experience living in New York, London then Paris, supporting himself by painting and decorating. In 1990 he earned a permit as a copyist in the Louvre. A long tradition dating back to just after the French Revolution where each year 250 permits are granted to amateur and professional artists, allowing them to copy the works of Old Masters. The masterpiece of Tim’s choice was Philippe de Champaigne’s “Le Christ Mort”.

His 2022 exhibition ‘Conversations’ references the way inanimate objects ‘speak to’ each other within still life compositions and can appear animate or to ‘take on a life of their own’.

Tim Snowdon's work is held in private collections in the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia and Belgium. He was a semi-finalist in the 2022 Moran Prize. And a finalist in the 2021 Moran Prize.

Portrait sittings with Tim can be arranged through the gallery with works produced in either oils or charcoal.