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intra/pendant Encircling mobius | 2023

intra/pendant Encircling mobius | 2023

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Original artwork by Harriet Schwarzrock

intra/pendant, encircling mobius, flame worked borosilicate glass, ionised inert gas, electrical current, clear, red, and pink, nylon thread, wall plinth, dimensions variable, 2023

signed Harriet Schwarzrock

For Schwarzrock, a pivotal residency at the Corning Museum of Glass Studios earlier this year has informed these works. Manipulating borosilicate glass tubing, Harriet generates filaments that appear to have grown in a circulatory system, rather than mimic laboratory apparatus. She continues to experiment with plasma illumination, through forms that evoke circularity, circulation, and interconnectivity. These tendrils draw upon the concepts of the mobius strip to reveal how circuitous and interconnected systems are. These plasma-illuminated forms further reveal themselves after dark, where the viewers proximity effects their luminous interiors. 

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