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Kayo Yokoyama | Homeland mini [amber] 2024

Kayo Yokoyama | Homeland mini [amber] 2024

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Original blown glass & etched vase by Kayo Yokoyama ~ handmade in the Blue Mountains, New South Wales

Homeland [amber], blown glass, 13cm x 9cm x 7cm, 2024

Kayo Yokoyama's distinctive etched trees are the main aspect of her intricate glass sculptures - the overall concept of her works being a sense of belonging and connections to a lived place. Chairs also feature in her works, connecting the idea of feeling a sense of 'home', and being able to look out and connect with nature on a personal level.

"The trees in my work represent real trees, as well as being symbolic of a higher consciousness in the journey of the growth of my identity. My engraving of trees on the surface of the glass recalls me to a place of strength from inside of me. They suggest a fundamental order of the world and my place in it - my homeland."

Yokoyama graduated from Sydney University in 2001, obtaining a Master of Fine Arts in 2012.

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