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Never Seen | 2020

Never Seen | 2020

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Original artwork by Ingrid Bowen.

Ink on paper, 19 cm x 74 cm, (framed 33 x 85 cm), 2020.

'I painted the scene of a fireground in the Morton NP viewed from the Braidwood Road between Nerriga and Sassafras. I focused on the charred skeletal forms and monochromatic nature of the landscape. I had never seen anything like it. The terrain was baked white and rock hard in places. Confronted with the aftermath I considered how images of the fires were burned into our memories with different coloured lenses according to our proximity to the fire events of last summer. Viewed from a distance, up close, via tv or phone screens, our individual memories will have a clarity, obscurity, or intensity of colour indicative of our own experience.' 

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