A scroll update from Sharon Field

A scroll update from Sharon Field

There was a lot of who-ha in the gallery last year when we decided to show Sharon Field's 'scrolls' throughout her solo exhibition. Word travelled on the remarkable scale and quality of Sharon's ink drawings and soon she was getting repeat visitors. The interest in the scrolls eclipsed everyone's expectations.

For some background information, you will need to visit a previous blog post here https://www.sukihugh.com.au/blogs/suki-hugh-blog/3000-days-and-counting

Titled "3000 days ... and counting ..." here is the latest update:

Sharon Field scroll 3000 days and counting ink drawing

Where is it? What's happening?

The scroll continues to grow and continues to gain interest – nationally and internationally.

Sharon has completed well over 700 days (and drawings) on the scroll, and is onto her third long roll. The scrolls all have names now.

  • Scroll 1: Biodiversity – nature’s embrace, rich and bold
  • Scroll 2: The bush whisper’s softly of changes profound
  • Scroll 3: Nature trembles and sighs at the warming embrace

People are keen to see how it grows and to learn more about the plants and stories the scrolls can tell, so Sharon will be talking about her scroll in this region again soon at:

  • The National Australian Botanical Gardens in Canberra – 14 March (missed)
  • The ArtsNational (Molonglo) group in Queanbeyan – 22 March

You will need to register your attendance for these talks.

The project now has its own Instagram account so you can follow the progress and get ahead of any upcoming opportunities to see it for yourself.

Instagram: 3000daysandcounting

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