Desolate yet all undaunted

Desolate yet all undaunted

Desolate yet all undaunted

'Imagine 2000 square kilometres dominated by thousands of trees, the majestic Eucalyptus viminalis.  Now, re-imagine this area as a massive graveyard, with all the trees dead.  Monaro Runes is a visible response to climate change, a ruined landscape - the skeletonised trees like ancient runic symbols'. - Sharon Field

This incredible original artwork deserves close inspection. The minute fissures in the boulders, the lichen and detailed surface texture are hard to convey through  online images.

The scale of the work is also spectacular at 1.6 metres wide, beautifully framed.

Sharon has captured the uniqueness of the landscape of the Cooma Plain in this artwork in graphite and watercolour. Although desolate, the fine details including Magpies, a birds nest and native grasses tinged with colour bring the scene to life.   

'Desolate yet all undaunted' beautifully illustrates Sharon's passion for conservation and nature in all it's forms.

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