New glass from Blackheath, New South Wales

New glass from Blackheath, New South Wales

We are excited to showcase new blown glass from the stunning Blue Mountains, New South Wales.

Established glass blowers Keith Rowe & Kayo Yokoyama have blown us away with spectacular new styles and developments on their signature pieces.

New homeland vases by Kayo feature intricately engraved trees with subtle splashes of colour in clear glass. These pieces have a gorgeous clarity and beautiful teardrop shape. 

And in new work entitled Conversations, Rowe incorporates abstracted facial expressions. At first glimpse, the markings seem random then, similar to an ink plot drawing, recognisable features appear. Once seen, they can't be unseen - in the best possible way!

Some pieces will be on display in the gallery, with more being added to the website in the coming week. As always, we can offer additional images on request.


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