New works in a new time by Susie Dureau

New works in a new time by Susie Dureau

Sydney based artist Susie Dureau will open a solo exhibition of new works on Saturday 5 September 2020.

This exhibition will be the artist’s third with the gallery but by know means is the work for this show a repeat of past offerings. The effect of Covid-19 on humanity has been the ultimate game changer. Susie describes it perfectly when she says 2020 is the year we were ‘blind-sided by the tiniest organism – a virus’.

‘The pandemic environment that we are now living in has refocused our attention on the significance of the world outside our human systems. It is estimated that there are over 380 trillion viruses inhabiting us, a community collectively known as the human virome[1]. In our own bodies we are outnumbered by microscopic non-human colonists. Human cells make up only 43% of the body’s total cell count[2]. Which means that my body is a landscape. I am many. I am NOT an individual.'  

The idea that humans can be separate from nature is an illusion and from that point of view we are just a part of the network. The power of Covid-19 to undermine human systems is a powerful reminder that we, as humans are not more than other non-human parts of the network. 

‘With the same ecological mind, we can turn to the creative arts. Here, there is an idea that ‘originality’ is not possible, nor even desirable. In the ecology of culture, making the most of what already exists is the most persistent call. Adapt. Remake. Reset. Words that resonate with the times. This year is a reset.’  - Susie Dureau

The new works in this exhibition represent a complete reset for the artist. Figurative elements of land, sea and sky have been replaced with abstracted ideas of interconnection, micro and macro views. The application of paint taking new forms as well to emulate the numerous styles of communication in nature. From scraping, rubbing, scratching, brushing and dotting.

‘Ultimately there is great joy in accepting my bit part in the complex network of nature. I no longer look at an animal lying in the sun and say, ’ignorance is bliss’ instead I think, ‘true knowing is bliss’.’ – Susie Dureau

The exhibition opens on Saturday 5 August 2020. The artist will be in the gallery between 1 & 4 pm.

Social distancing will be observed and as such there will be no drinks or nibbles. All works are available here. The exhibition will run until Sunday 11 October 2020.

Exhibition observations by Susie Dureau.


[1] Ghose, Chandrabali, Pride, David. The Conversation, October 09, 2018

[2] Gallagher, James ‘The Second Genome’ BBC Radio 4, April 10, 2018

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