Upcoming | Sara Freeman | No such thing as solid ground

Upcoming | Sara Freeman | No such thing as solid ground

Dark Summer, 120 x 80 cm, egg tempera & wax on board, 2020.

In a powerful reflection of the last 6 months, Sara Freeman has used her studio and painting practice to reconcile a series of unanticipated and life-changing events.

'No such thing as solid ground. This time seems to be testing all our certainties and our belief in limitless abundance. In reality nothing is certain, ever, except change. But the human brain clings to patterns of familiarity, quickly building a new ‘normal’ when the old one fails. I hope we are all changed by this, that the world won’t rush back to what it was. We can’t keep on treating the earth as if there is no tomorrow. I pray that we all come out of this time aligned to a more simple life with time to be kind to each other and care for this beautiful planet.' Sara Freeman

Sara's solo exhibition will open on Saturday 23rd May. We will update with the details as easing of restrictions comes into place. 

Also to come, a beautiful and moving video where Sara talks about her process and inspiration for this show.

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