Collection: Harriet Schwarzrock | Glass

Original handmade, blown & etched glass vases by Harriet Schwarzrock ~ Queanbeyan, New South Wales

Each piece is unique. Please get in touch for current colours and sizes. We have an ever evolving range!

'My studio is shared with my partner Matthew Curtis. We have a hot glass furnace; enabling us to tint glass as it is melted. This results in a certain depth and softness to the hues with which we are able to design our work. I take pleasure in the molten immediacy and manipulation of the material. Captivated by the particular rhythms and the cadence of the process of blowing glass.

On one hand this dynamic and physical process of blowing glass informs my practice. At other moments it is a quiet distillation of these objects, the contemplation of the placement of forms in order to create dynamic yet quiet works.'