Collection: Isobel Rayson | Within Reach

An exhibition of new work by Isobel Rayson 16 March - 14 April 2024

Driven to look beyond observations made in natural environments, this new work looks outward, as Isobel begins to contemplate the complexity of human relationships and the importance of connection, shaped by the ways in which we relate to, and interact with, objects and individuals in our surroundings.

These wood carvings depict long, wandering lines, weaving and intersecting across the surface of the work, alluding to interactions or conversations and inviting reflection on notions of time, memory and change.

Opening drinks with the artist 3-5pm, Saturday 16 March 2024

Isobel Rayson Within Reach woodcarving 41cm x 41cm framed

Image: Passing by, 2024, wood carving, 41cm x 41cm. Photo: Dorian Photographics