Collection: Kirstie Rea | Glass

Present company

Change. Exploring has been brought closer to home, the focus now local as is my company.

Restriction. With boundaries drawn in tighter, the areas I wander have been reduced, concentrated. I return and re-walk, I look again, look closer and still love what I see amongst the plastic and numerous tracks of boots and bikes and sometimes the track of a four-legged furry being.

Being there. I record being there with camera, a sheet of glass, and my body.

The surface of the glass offering a reflection of what is behind me, where I have been, laid over the way forward, seen through the glass, the two views stitched together.

Reveal. Each moment of pause reveals new details and a wonder of place, moment, light, and presence.

Exploring alone in places beyond the suburban, place soaks deep under my skin and wraps around me. Back home memory and being there cling to me. 

Kirstie Rea, 2020