Collection: Shunyam Smith | 'There is always beauty..'

3 August – 1 September 2024

An exhibition of tapestries and paintings from the High Country by Shunyam Smith

'Travelling through the high country of Victoria and New South Wales after the devastating bushfires of the past few years, I began to see the incredible beauty in the burned-out forest. Bone white skeletons of trees spread across the ridges as far as one could see.  A whole new world had appeared, like foam on the ocean.  Then, within a few years, these white skeletons had sunk below the green waves of the regrowth as the forest grew back.

Such a great reminder that even in the darkest days, there is always something good or beautiful to be found in everything if you are open to seeing it.  Change is often the gateway to remarkable things, rather than an ending.' ~ SS

Drinks with the artist will be held on Saturday 3 August 2-4pm. All welcome

Tapestry #1, wool, cotton & linen on cotton seine twine warp, mounted on plywood, 1200h x 930w (cropped image)

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