Collection: Susie Dureau | Earth Poems

Back for her 5th solo exhibition with Suki & Hugh Gallery, Susie Dureau presents new paintings in Earth Poems.

Each of Susie Dureau’s paintings is a new world where personal feeling and perception merge seamlessly with the external processes of the earth. Impressions of tides, light, and weather intertwine with the cyclical rhythms of heartbeat and breath, revealing patterns and connections between the ancient flows of the earth and the flows of the human body.

Drawing from scientific data, Susie transforms sound recordings into spectrograms, which inform the creation of floating orbs and pulsing patterns. These visual elements depict the frequencies of sounds such as birdsong and lapping water. 

The paintings in 'Earth Poems' are sensory odes to the forces of nature, inviting viewers to experience the profound and nuanced interplay between the natural world and human existence. ~ SD

Until 28 July 2024