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Like No Other | 2020

Like No Other | 2020

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Original artwork by Isobel Rayson.

Woodblock carving, 32cm x 27 cm, framed, 2020.

'These woodblock carvings reflect an ongoing exploration of my immediate surroundings on a small rural property in New South Wales. Like many, the events of 2020 resulted in an abundance of time spent at home and in the studio, I am incredibly grateful for the quiet open space I have there. Wandering around the farm offered an escape, as my mind slows, and the reality of news and events demands less of my attention. In these moments I begin to notice small details and objects that cross my path, the contours of weathered remnant wood, old wire idly hanging from a fence post or the structure of a single seed pod littered among hundreds fallen from trees above.

I document these objects in photographs and sketches and return to the studio where I use these observations as starting points for new carvings. Focussing my attention solely on these details and the meditative process of repetitive carving allows me to escape into a simplified world of line, form and texture'.

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