Collection: Sharon Field | Watercolour

The Australian bush holds so many tiny treasures when you poke around the ground litter on your hands and knees.  Some of these treasures are created by nature; some are the product of people.  This collection of works provides a momentary insight into some of the stories that are held by the bush that people usually pass over in a sweeping turn of the head.

These vignettes are small, impressionistic scenes that focus on one moment or give a particular insight into the character of plants and insects and their settings in the bush.  Some of the human elements can also be considered intrusive and potentially destructive. 

While all these plants and insects have a toughness that we can barely begin to imagine, they are still fragile, and as with our planet these plants and insects also have a tipping point beyond which their future is uncertain.  This fragile beauty, captured in these vignettes by poets, storytellers and artists for generations is now in a form of suspended animation.  Which way will we go?